Moving soon to 21 rue de la Comète 75007 PARIS

For information on our spring schedule

We are happy to say that we have moved to 21, rue de la Comète 75007 PARIS Friday June 23rd! Your classes will continue without any interruption.

All credit packs and unlimited enrollments will continue at the rentrée as usual. We will still be just 2 steps away!

We will however be moving to the summer schedule on Friday June 23rd. Click on the summer schedule to keep up your summer practice as usual we will be offering only 1/2 the normal schedule while trying to keep evening and weekend classes on the schedule.

Walkups possible at all classes. Please come to the center 10-15 minutes before the class that you have chosen. You can sign up then. We have all the accessories and props for both pilates and yoga already at the center. Wear attire in which you can move freely (jogging pants, tights and shorts and a t-shirt). We have changing rooms at the center in case you are coming from work. All you have to do is arrive on time!

Classes in a friendly environment: YogāYogā Paris offers practices with other students of your level.  We work in small groups, and the instructors will offer variations on a posture if there is a posture that is too difficult for you.  Once you are enrolled, all classes are walk up and are filled on a space available basis without reservation.

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