Feel better by doing simple postures in gentle yoga

Of course, yoga is much more than just doing postures. It is also clearing your mind of intrusive thoughts. It is stabilizing, strengthening and lengthening your breath. Here, I am just focusing on yoga asana or yoga postures.

Yoga postures can get rid of your daily back pain that is caused by stress or by poor posture. You would be surprised by how easy and simple the postures are that relieve these kinds of problems in just a few weeks. I’ve already described one article in an American medical journal that offers scientific proof of the power of gentle yoga. I must admit that in 10 years of teaching, sometimes these simple stress-related problems go away after just one class! There is absolutely no need to put your body in any kind of contortion to help yourself.

You can also do yoga postures to relieve stress even if you don’t have very much flexibility. We do yoga to improve flexibility ; you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. The stress relief that comes about by working gently with the body is the gift we give ourselves by practicing.

Once our body feels great from doing a few postures, we are free to improve breath control, concentrate and meditate. That is, we can do more yoga ; or, free from pain, we can just do the normal activities in our lives that we love to do.

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Oliver BELL


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