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Gentle Yoga/Viniyoga

Portrait May 2016Oliver Bell, RYT 500 hr, eRYT 200 hr I first started practicing yoga after a car accident when I was 17 years old.  My introduction to yoga was a book by Richard Hittelman’s called the Yoga 28-day Exercise Plan.  Over the years I have tried Iyengar, Ashtanga and other Hatha Yogas.  I also have a regular meditation practice.  I first became certified to teach yoga in 2007.   I now study gentle yoga exclusively with Stan Hafner and Johanna Sullivan at Austin Yoga Shala (Austin, Texas).  We study postures, sutras and yogic chant. My classes are focused on breathing and movement at the same time. This gentle, balanced practice consists of series of movements coordinated with the breath. Also called viniyoga, this practice supports good concentration, emotional stability and promotes overall health.









Hatha Yoga

photo Edith Grante Edith Grante I studied Hatha Yoga with Valerie Weber in Paris in the 1980s, and Iyengar Yoga with Victoria Nichols in Los Angeles.  I significantly broadened my practice by taking many different workshops in India, in France and in the United States.  These workshops included different techniques of study of the body, the mind, and the philosophy of yoga.  I have also focused on questions related to stress management, and I am particularly interested in ayurvedic medecine, chinese medicine, as well as other holistic approaches to well-being.  I studied Yoga Therapy with Dr Lionel Coudron.  I practice and teach in groups, in corporate settings,  and in private classes.  I give a practice adapted to our daily life.  I continue with my mission of personal study and share my experience with my students.


TaniaDelRioBIOTania, yoga instructor and well-being coach, gives yoga classes in Paris as well as workshops on nutrition, yoga and well-being sharing the message ‘The more we understand our bodies and its language, the more we can make good choices to reinforce our well-being.’  Tania started practicing yoga as a means of stress management. After many years of practice, she still is pleasantly surprised at the benefits of yoga for remaining centered and calm. Tania’s classes are based on a gentle, movement-oriented yoga. Her practice helps students to gain flexibility and strength, as well as to relax and breathe. Tania welcomes students of all levels to her classes. Tania is certified by ISHTA Yoga. She has a PhD in biology from NYU. For more information about Tania see







Vinyasa Flow










Alex was born in NYC. He speaks English, Spanish and, of course, French since becoming Parisien! At the age of 19, yoga seemed like a natural course for his life. After starting his personal practice at Yoga Vida in NYC, Alex has continued to be drawn to Vinyasa. It was a perfect choice to follow with his Jivamukti Teacher Training (300 hour) in India. He says that at first, yoga was just exercise for him, but with time and practice, he began to be interested by the spiritual aspects of yoga. I want ‘to keep my asana practice fun and intense’ while including ‘the spiritual aspects of Jivamukti’. He hopes to see you soon at a mat in his classes to share his yoga inspired by ashtanga and hatha yoga! You might also listen to some creative, groovy, funky music to spice up your practice! Namaste yogis!


PYRFIT Training Concept Duo-Modifiée

Maik the Trainer





YogāYogā Paris is pleased to be working with instructors from the teacher training program at A-lyne Pilates School (Paris

joëlle photoJoëlle Joëlle has always been interested in contemporary dance.  She is a French-Japanese interpreter, and she also speaks English fluently.  She deepened her knowledge of movement and anatomy through the completion of the pilates teacher training program at A-Lyne Pilates in Paris. Her teachers are Martine Curtis-Oakes, Kelly Moriarty, Jennifer Stacy et Blandine Calais Germain. She is a certified pilates teachers through her work at A-Lyne and at Balanced Body University (California, USA).

Cycling at Versailles

Anne Anne has spent a lifetime in Classical Ballet and Modern Theatre Dance.  Her most recent assignment was Artistic Director of the National Youth Ballet of Ireland.  She was also Director of the Dublin School of Classical and Contemporary Dance.  Having moved to France in the autumn of 2007, she added Pilates Mat Worko-Outs to her freelance teaching.  Anne also teaches ballet classes.


20150223-0023Marie Previously a dancer, Marie became a teacher of classic dance after receiving her Diplôme d’Etat in 1995. Having always been interested in methods that awaken body consciousness in order to improve performance, she very naturally accepted the Pilates method and eventually completed training at A-LYNE Paris. She obtained her diploma in pilates in 2008. Her classes are based on mindful movement and respect for the body.


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