What is Barre au Sol? by Anne Campbell Crawford

My barre au sol starts with standing body warm-up isolations which is followed by seated and lying down exercises on the yoga mat, thus targeting every part of the body. I finish the final 10 minutes standing again and with improvised body freeing movements we complete the full body work-out. ‘Grace and Elegance’ at any age!

Barre au sol is a complete mind/body workout with similar principals that Joseph Pilates incorporated into his ‘Return to Life’ system of exercises. When following my ‘barre au sol’ programme of exercises, you will find yourself standing taller and with improved posture. Your co-ordination will be improved and so will your energy levels thus making everyday tasks easier and quicker to accomplish.

There are no gaps in my ‘follow me’ class and you are encouraged to virtually dance the movements of stretching and toning with line and form. All the time, you will be enveloped by attractive and inspiring music to give the exercises impetus and rhythm to help achieve the stretch and strength to achieve the shapes and style.

At this stage of reading you might think ‘this is not for me’ but if you are interested in an exercise programme to music and that is followed by dancers for all their dancing lives and into retirement. If you have ever attended a ballet or contemporary dance class at some stage, even at a recreational level, you will find the exercises and movements familiar but even if you have never attended a formal dance class it is not beyond enjoyment and achievement. Try Anne’s barre au sol class every Tuesday at 12h30.

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