Yoga Sun Salutations: A Practice For Healthy, Active People

Doing yoga postures and practices is like taking vitamins. It’s a natural treatment that has a specific result. For example, certain postures help improve flexibility, others stimulate digestion, still others stimulate liver function for ‘detoxification’. Each posture has its own mental effects as well: calming, stimulating, interiorizing, exteriorizing, building confidence, stabilizing concentration, building poise etc.

Many people practice the sun salutation and variants on that sequence. For healthy, active people, there are good reasons for this. From a purely physical standpoint, most sun salutation sequences are balanced practices which include some contra-posture work that re-equilibrate the body. It’s also a simple, balanced practice that can be easily learned and repeated. Finally, it constructs the body in the right direction for more advanced posture work.

More subtly, sun salutations are also a stimulating practice that opens the breath, warms the body, stimulates and stabilizes the mind. The sequence helps to facilitate dealing with change. Certain postures help to build confidence. You finish the practice, and you say ‘Wow, I feel great. I am no longer tired, and I am mentally and physically ready to go about my day’.

If you like vinyasa and sun salutations, in our yoga center in Paris 7, YogaYoga Paris, classes that are right for you are Tuesday mornings with Orianne at 9h00, Thursday mornings with Sarah at 9h00, Friday at 12h30 with Laure and Saturday mornings with Sarah at 11h15.

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